Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Steals

We had a LATE night in the Grove last night.  Needless to say Olympic fever has arrived at our house, specifically swimming fever.  Mini K asked during the opening ceremonies why everyone on tv was asking which swimmer is cuter because the only thing that matters is who is faster.  I am pretty sure Mr. G would have bought her a car on the spot for not having a care in the world about boys.

I will do a post on Olympic fever tomorrow, but I haven't been the best this summer about Saturday Steals so I am trying to improve my record.  Call it the Olympic spirit if you will.  I am about to draw virtual dirty looks, but Christmas is less than 150 days away, which means in less than 160 days I will have celebrated Christmas, Mr. G's birthday, Mini K's birthday and the birthdays of 3 really good friends.

I am one of THOSE people.  I start shopping early.  What can I say, there is a certain thrill to trying to find the perfect something for people that matter to me!  I make a list with one rule in mind:  a PRESENT is something that I know someone wants, but would most likely not purchase for themselves, because regardless of what people say, who doesn't secretly love to untie a ribbon, tear some paper and be surprised?

These aren't so much gifts, but more gift wrapping accessories!

I LOVE these Chalkboard Labels.  A set of 12 is only $4.  You can order multiple sets and put a specific shape on each family member's gifts.  I ordered two sets and plan on using them on the plastic storage containers in my pantry to label flour, sugar and the different cereals we have.  You can purchase the deal HERE.

Holiday Mail and Boxes
I LOVE the idea of having a special return address stamp for the holidays.  These mantle stamps are both fun and personalized and only $14.99.  We don't carry stamps at the Grove, but I can tell you this is less than wholesale.  You can purchase this deal HERE.
We exchange gifts with a few families outside of our own every year and I love thinking of unusual gift tags.  When I saw these hand stamped personalized ornaments were only $10 I did a double take.  How cute would these be personalized with everyone's name?  Even better, if you have friends who have just gotten married, had a baby or even for grandparents who welcomed a grandchild.  These are perfect as a stand alone gift or tied to a plain white or kraft paper wrapped package tied with a wide grosgrain ribbon.  You can purchase this deal HERE.

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