Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heat Wave

I know I should be used to the heat, I am from Dallas, but can someone please explain to me why Dallas is cooler than Washington, D.C.?  We are in the middle of a heatwave and I have grown tired of the weathermen claiming it will break tomorrow.

I have taken to multiple showers a day instead of blogging and there is something wrong wtih getting up at 5:30am to run and it is already 88 degrees!

Needless to say my beauty routine, and there wasn't much to start with, has been streamlined to survive the constant sweat!

For starters, I might single handedly be making the ponytail a business hairdo.  I frankly have stopped myself twice from making an appointment to have my hair chopped just to get it off my neck.  Fortunately, I have a stockpile of Emi + Jays and for the rare 10 minutes a day my hair is down, they double as a bracelet!

I am a sunscreen junkie!  I put it on every morning.  I also don't leave the house without my Per-Fekt sink perfection and cheek stain on.  I have been using this product since 9-11, because it was the only make-up that I could carry on the plane when all liquids were banned.  I became a true believer when I realized it doesn't come off when you sweat, cry, etc.  It is the BOMB!
 I can't leave the house without lip balm, gloss, or lipstick, but I hate looking down at my water bottle and seeing a big smear of color.  The woman that does my facials told me to try Jane Iredale's Sugar & Butter lip treatment.  One end exfoliates and the other is a balm.  The balm has stolen my heart away from the La Mer lip balm and no more chapped lips!

The last item in my bag this summer is mascaras.  Yes you read that correctly, two different kinds!  I apply Illegal Lengths by Mabelline first and then Bobbi Brown's Extreme Party mascara second.  Illegal Lengths has some magical power in it that makes your lashes super long and Bobbi Brown's has something in it that makes them super thick.  If you purchase the Illegal Lengths on right now, it is buy one get one for half price.  If you want to try the Bobbi Brown, enter in code ONLINE712 and you get FREE shipping and FREE samples of lip gloss, eye cream and mascara.

Now if only someone would invent a product that makes me super tall and another that makes me super thin.  A girl can dream right?  For the record, I was NOT paid for this post and purchased all of these items, in mass quantities, myself!

Now where is my fan.....

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