Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seek And You Shall Find

I may be alone, but I have a list of things in mind of products I wish I could find and don't have the energy to invent.  The "need" usually comes to me when I am in the middle of something and think of what would make it easier.

This is not the how to get my children into college with zero stress, the Harry Winston bauble I have coveted for years or the desire to avoid what I DESPISE shopping for most: mattresses, but merely random things.

Imagine my excitement when I have found 3 of those products I didn't think existed in the last week.  So what'a girl to do other than share with all of you?

Hands Free Exercise
I have been getting and walking in the mornings while I do my post surgery running rehab on the treadmill at night.  I usually walk with my iphone, house keys, coffee money and earphones.  Since it has been 85-95 degrees at 6am one thing I haven't been wearing is a jacket or long sleeve shirt with pockets.  This means my hands are full and I look more like a pack rat.  Que the box on my front porch yesterday from my mother and it was like the angels had delivered for my morning walk.  The box contained a Booty Wrap and while the name sounds confusing, the product is simply amazing!  It is a bulk free wrap with POCKETS and SLEEVES that you can tie around your waist and keep your hands free.  So in addition to holding my stuff, it also hides these last 7 pounds around my hips that will be gone before Mini K starts school.  The material is a thick cotton and it comes in 3 sizes.  I am having mine monogrammed, of course, and plan on giving these as gifts to my friends this year!  The wraps come in 4 colors (I have the black) and 3 sizes so anyone from a size 0 to a size 24 can wear one.  Compared to my Lulu jackets, they are a steal at $39.99 and if you use code TS20 you can save 20% off your order!

Preppy Minnie Belts
As you know Baby C is a BIG boy.  He is long out of baby clothes and at 2 years and 3 months is wearing a 4T for length.  This means that while his pants are long enough, they are too big around the waist even with a diaper.  I have been trying to find a classic preppy belt that is adjustable and not covered in super heroes.  I confess I had given up....until I found these:

These belts sell for $35 for 1 initial engraved with a strap and $40 for 3 initials engraved with a strap.  If you need extra straps they are $12.  As with my first find, this one gets MUCH MUCH better.  You can purchase a $50 gift certificate to the store that sells them for $25 via Plum District.  You can purchase the voucher HERE.  If you purchase tonight and use code:  GOBTS you can save an extra 20% so for $20 you can get a $50 voucher.  They also have some great monograms for girls.

Non-White Onesies
I think of white onesies as underwear, even if they have a monogram so I always try to find cute onesies for friends with newborns or who are expecting to keep in their diaper bags as that emergency outfit, when your little one is already wearing their emergency outfit.  Zulily solved my problem when I saw these adorable Kate Quinn Organics onesies for only $13.99.  How can you not love the ruffle and the matching yoga pants.  You can save an extra 10% off orders with code:  CHEAPSEEKZU73

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