Thursday, January 12, 2012

What's That Letter?

So it's official...I am getting least in one eye. My visit to the eye doctor yesterday came with a party favor: a prescription for glasses.

Now I know many of you wear glasses or contacts and the does NOT mean you are old. I know my new "condition" means that because his helpful nurse, said "oh hom a lot of people need glasses when they get to be"....wait for it....."YOUR AGE!" If nurses were wait staff she wouldn't have gotten a tip.

I spent last night in front of the computer (which I could see) looking at frames and then decided I would check out ebates! Why, because I am going to continue my ebates obsession this yer and see just how many of the items I would purchase anyway could earn me cash back! Let's just say the deals almost made up for the prescription. I discovered Lens Direct. They will give me 6% CASH BACK through ebates and I can save 20% with a coupon code (CJEYE20), plus they offer free shipping. You can choose if you want them to put your lenses in or just send you the glasses and you can take them to your doctor. I think I am going to have my doctor put the lenses in, and while I do love the Chanel glasses with the pearl on the side, EVERY SINGLE PERSON that I know who has them says it falls out or catches in their hair so I am thinking I might stick to Tory Burch or Kate Spade, but these YSL ones also caught my eye.

Now if only facials and botox were on ebates I would be in heaven! Mr. G is still amazed at how my loyalty to the site has paid off....I am halfway to the splurge bag I have been wanting simply by ordering the things we use anyway from and via ebates! (Okay and maybe a few more stores!)

And if you haven't joined ebates yet, you can join HERE.

So which pair of frames do you like?

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