Sunday, January 22, 2012

Prep Work

If you thought the title meant for cooking, well you haven't been reading my blog long enough! If you hear screams coming from D.C. it is not because of politics, it is merely working moms reacting to the impending "wintery mix" and delayed opening of the federal government tomorrow. You see wintery mix, while it sounds like a scene out of White Christmas is pure is essentially a falling Slurpee machine without flavor and mixed with dirt, it ruins your wood floors, sends your children from the high of no school or the agony of enlightenment that ice does not make a snowman, or even a ice queen and quite frankly leaves everyone so stir crazy that we flee to Starbucks only to complain about the line.

Instead of letting the predicted weather ruin my night, I decided to try prepping...but lately, I only seem to prep for:
parties (though not the ones I am throwing!)
No surprise that I tackled my planning with a cup of my favorite caramel tea from Ladurdee in my favorite monogrammed mug. If I have to work, my fuel source should at least be cute right? I have to be in NYC this Thursday and Friday for my day job. I love being able to avoid the airport and hope on the train. Three blissful hours calm, or relative calm. I am one of those dorks that actually plans out what I want to accomplish on the train. This trip is planning Baby C's 2nd birthday party (which will be in MAY!), planing our my spring shopping list and watching Lipstick Jungle now that I finally downloaded it to my ipad. I have back to back meetings on Thursday but am so excited that I will be able to see a couple of friends while I am there for work.

Since I don't get back until Friday evening, I spent this weekend making sure everything is all set for my friend A's sip 'n' see for her new little princess. The wreath has been ordered, photos of the baby should be ready for pick-up on Saturday morning, petit fours will be ready on my way to the party (you didn't think they would survive in my house overnight did you?), and presents for both the sip 'n' see and the birthday party Mini K is attending at the same exact time are wrapped, tagged and ready to go!

I am sure this doesn't sound exciting, but I LOVE watching my long to-do list become a shrinking sea of solid green sharpie lines.

As a reward for actually reading this post, I promise tomorrow I will finally post photos from Mini K's Eloise party! See I do read my email, I am clearly just getting old and slow!

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