Monday, January 16, 2012

Put A Stamp On It

We had so many of you email us to see if we could extend our DOUBLE your quantity for FREE on notecards and New Year's Cards that we could only say YES! You can see all of our note card options HERE and our foldover options HERE.

So the special will continue through the end of January. We hope this helps you get your thank you notes in the mail in a personalized fashion!

A lot of you have emailed asking us about notecards for the men in your life so I thought I would share two of our best sellers.

Mr. G has THESE for his personal notes.
These are our second best seller.
I am a big believer in each member of the family having their own stationery as well as family notecards and I have some formal Mr. and Mrs. notecards. Growing up, we could not use apresent until the thank you note was written and while I got some eyes from Mini K this year, the rule is one I passing down to the next generation. She asked if she said no gifts for her next birthday party would she get out of writing thank you notes...I tried this same logic as a child and the answer is NO, you would still need to write each person a note thanking them for coming! I should have realized when I was a kid that someday I would get to pass on those same rules.

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