Monday, January 9, 2012

The Fairy Is Coming.....

Mini K is on the verge of losing her 3rd tooth. The tooth in question is her top front tooth. She has already lost two on the bottom. She is more motivated to to get this tooth out than a fat girl is to fit in a bridesmaids dress that she ordered too small. Her motivation: the tooth fairy.

SO I started thinking during my journey to nowhere on the eliptical tonight: like naps, fairies are wasted on children, because adults would relish them! Have I lost you? For the moms out there, how often do you battle with your toddler to nap when you yourself would LOVE to nap? The same goes for the tooth's exciting to go to sleep and wake up to find something and then by the time they hit the first recess of the school day they have forgotten about her visit and moved on to something else. For those of you wondering, the tooth fairy is now one of the 1% percent of Americans...the Occupy Wall Street movement should be battling her, she doesn't know that the economy is not in its best shape and she certainly is doing much better than the tooth fairy of our generation, or mine at least. She no longer brings coins, unless they are gold and she prefers paper.

I couldn't help but think that we working women and moms need a little visit from the fairy in our lives...don't we deserve it? I mean there are some days when just surviving until bedtime is feat far more daring than pulling a tooth out.

So how about you survive a painful nail break while trying to cook dinner after a long day. This should result in a visit from the ring fairy...I wouldn't forget if this was left under my pillow. 5 Carat Sparkler

Or when you look into your handbag and it is full of sippy cups, hair accessories that are NOT yours, extra shoes, hats and mittens? The bag fairy should come right?
Louis Vuitton Siracusa GM

How about the daily winter battle to get them to wear their coats, hats, mittens and NOT flip flops? Shouldn't the supreme scarf fairy come? I would leave her a plate of any and every orange food I could find.
Hermes Box Collection from India Hicks

And last but certainly not least, for all of those hours we spend exercising after childbirth to regain our figures, shouldn't out feet be rewarded with the shoe fairy? She wouldn't even have to wrap them...they come with a bow.
Valentino Bow Pump, Neiman Marcus

While I know writing this post will no doubt attract the Negative Nellies out there, a mom has to keep her sanity while on the elliptical journey that only leads to a post in her daily My Fitness Pal log.

I promise to wake up in reality tomorrow and hopefully get both kiddos out the door, dressed for the season (snow today 58 degrees tomorrow!) and remember what my mother always said, work hard and don't ask permission to follow your dreams, but maybe the Fairy Queen is listening, for she is aging too and will visit if we bribe her with cookies that we don't want to log in our own food diary!

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Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

Hear, hear - now this is the sort of movement I can get behind!