Monday, January 23, 2012

Party Recap

Mini K turned 6 almost a month ago and her party was before that, so clearly this post is LATE. We had an Eloise themed party, complete with Eloise drama.
I made the mistake of hiring a new lady to make the cake (if you live in the D.C. area email me so I can warn you to stay away from her!) and she decided that no one has a Friday night party so I must have given her the wrong date. When we called her to pick up the cake at 1pm on Friday she admitted that she hadn't even started it and said she would throw something together. SO 5 hours before the party, we were cake-less. Thankfully, a few stressed phone calls later, we found a bakery that specialized in wedding cakes agree to make us a cake, or a 2-tier cake with most of it being styrofoam and a bunch of cupcakes. I think it turned out pretty cute and Mini K never knew it wasn't the cake she originally had picked!
The girls all enjoyed "room service", the Eloise Christmas movie on the big screen, while the famous Ms. Linda painted everyone's nails and the girls all left with their own hotel emergency kit filled with a bow, lipgloss, nail polish and big giant iced cookie!
This was the first time we have had a party on a Friday night and it was so nice to wake up Saturday morning with the party behind us and an entire weekend to relax! Okay who am I kidding, her party was a week before Christmas so I pretty much had the weekend to get everything ready for Christmas!

I am still in denial that Mini K is officially closer to 10 than a baby! It goes by way too fast!


eas said...

What a great party! We haven't started on Eloise yet (3 years old) but I can't wait!

Hopsy said...

This is one of the cutest girl parties I have seen K! The cake and tulle are just BEYOND!