Sunday, January 29, 2012

By The Numbers

So it hasn't technically been a full week since I last blogged, but I feel like I have not stopped and no one wants to read working mom gibberish...especially this working mom!

1: The number of AMAZING Pink Swap I received this week.

2: The number of hours I just worked out to purge the stress from this past week

3: The number of social events or lessons Mini K had this weekend (translation: the Mom Car Service logged a lot of miles)

4: The number of hours I spent on 1 conference call last ear still hurts!

5: The number of boxes I am shipping out tomorrow morning

6: The number of hours I spent on a train (I only spent 23 hours in NYC)

7: The number of times I hope to blog this week. I literally have a notebook with scheduled blog posts. I will also confess I am such an outline/bullet person they are already in bullet form!

I knew this upcoming week was going to be busy so I have broken down my to-do list into 5 things a day. I couldn't look at the long list anymore, so now it is color coded by day and oh so much more bearable.

Now, even when I am busy, I still have time for a good deal so I HAD to share one with you. I hate throwing away Mini K's drawings from school, but we simply do NOT have the space on the shelf or the wall for them all so I channeled my anti-clutter self, well let's be honest, I didn't really have to channel her and came up with a solution that I think works.

I take a photo of EVERY single page and upload it to picasa. I then add a caption that includes the date and anything Mini K said about it and upload it to Snapfish. At the end of each school year I publish it in a photo book. I can then keep all of those papers, sculptures, hats and other materpieces on a shelf, neatly organized in a book. The front page is always our annual first day of school in front of the door photo and the last page is that same photo taken on the last day of school. In the past I have used Snapfish, but I think I am going to try Mixbook this year. The best part is you can get a $50 gift certificate for $18 right HERE. For those of you wondering, I wasn't paid for this post, but I firmly believe in sharing a good deal.

So until tomorrow, I am off to dreamland so I can hit the ground running this week!

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