Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Turning Back The Clock

I feel like time is flying by at a speed I find difficult to handle. My to do list is manageable, Grove Gal E and I are excited about the holiday shopping season, but I feel like time is just moving at a fast forward pace. I realize I probably say this every year at this time, but this year just feels different. Remember feeling like turning 21 was a lifetime away, when getting your driver's license felt like the be all end all. I realize for many of you it wasn't that long ago. The world wide web has always been the internet, there has always been MTV and Rick Perry has always been a Republican, but for some of us (ME!) it was 20+ years ago that junior high was our home.
I think junior high was also the last time I carried a Coach handbag. In fact I can remember when Coach opened its store in Dallas Galleria, back when the Banana Republic store looked like a safari, Units outfits were oh so school and the only two choices a girl had for her bedroom decor were Ralph Lauren's allison or blue floral print. I can remember sporting some Benetton outfit with my Coach bag. For those of you that haven't understood a word you have read, just go with it and let me feel young again! I think in some storage tub I still have two of them: the tiny saddlebag that you wore across your body with the brass lock in brown and my large unscructured hobo that I thought was oh so trendy in an olive green color.

High school gave way to other brands and Coach started printing that double C fabric. That decision drew a reaction from my grandmother that to this day I remember: there is only one designer that can use two c's on a bag and Coach is not that designer.

But something has changed with Coach or maybe it is just me trying to relive my youth. Two bags have caught my eye this fall, and I must admit that when most labels have increased their prices I think Coach has kept theirs in the same range.

The Kristin Satchel

The Dowel Flap Bag

I keep thinking about my grandmother used to say once you have worn a trend once, you don't wear it the second time around. Do we think this is true for Coach?

To cope with my feelings of age, Mini K and I made a batch of what the New York Times declared the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. I tend to agree with the Times and that doesn't happen often. The best part about this recipe, besides the almost 2 full bags of chocolate chips in it? The dough needs to be refrigerated overnight!!! Can you guess what I ate for dinner after the minnies we sound asleep?


Bayliy said...

Sooooo love it! Good post! I'm happy to read it. Images are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

WorthyStyle said...

Ohhh Benetton, those were the days. I had a kelly green coat from the Charlotte store that I adored! (I understood what you were saying!)

I have one Coach bag with the C's (black with black leather trim, very subtle), the other ones are the traditional/vintage buttery leather Coach pieces of old. Occasionally, I like the new things.

I have come to find, in my WASP-y hunting for appropriately priced gear... because I can get something from Burberry, etc for $450+... that the Coach outlet stores have some of the best items. They are sometimes a hit-or-miss scenario, but the outlet shops often carry things the retail stores do not! And they are often nicer things than the stores in terms of: quality, color, style. Something to consider if you ever want to.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I completely agreed with and understood every word of this post. I have owned all of those outfits. .. and I might add that Laura Ashley was my choice for bedding in addition to Ralph Lauren. YOUR Grandmother's CC comment is priceless. I LOOOVE the new look of this blog and I need that chocolate chip cookie recipe. Any chance that you like the first bag due to its cute name? the kristin? xo hugs xo