Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is It Me?

I am completely baffled with this blog tonight.  I can open the blog on my ipad no problem, on my laptop no problem, on my computer at the office no problem, BUT when I go to open it on my desktop in my kitchen I get a warning that my blog may contain spyware.  Mr. G said I should take this as a compliment that my computer thinks I am computer literate to be able to create and load spyware, I tend to agree since I am beyond thrilled when I can remove red eye from a photo.  Is anyone else getting this message and how do I fix it or know if it is true on a mac?  SO until I can fix this, my witty posts with photos that I planned out today will have to wait.

As a result of this little speedbump I am taking my tervis full of Market Pantry cherry limeade to the sofa to watch Biggest Loser and tackle my Christmas countdown list.

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mFw said...

I've been getting it on a ton of blogs. I just keep clicking proceed anyway. I have a macbook pro and mainly use google chrome! I took my blog private so I can't see if others are having that problem! Good luck!