Friday, October 21, 2011

Comments From The Backseat

I am still in shock that it is Friday night, that there are only 10 days left in October and that I am already making the list to order Christmas wrapping supplies! It's official, I am getting old.

I haven't been on twitter that much this week, but it seems that everyone feels that 2011 is flying by.

Today was Mini K's class field trip to the pumpkin patch. She should have woken up and been super excited to get out of the house right???


She kept asking for the parental snooze button as we call it....the Mom, Dad, please let me sleep 5 more minutes.

We finally got her out of bed, wrapped her breakfast in foil to eat in the car with her usual cranberry juice and drove to school. It is NOT a long drive, but don't let the distance fool you, because she can come up with some pretty funny statements in less than 10 miles!

I had to post about today's "idea", because, well it just cracked me up. When she has an outdoor field trip I make her wear pants. Today was no different. She sported miniBoden jeggings and a tunic and her standyby short Uggs. I type this so you know she was not wearing some intricate outfit.

Our conversation went something like this:

Mini K: Momma sometimes it is soooo hard to wake up and get out of bed I need some help.

Me: okay, what would help you.

WAIT FOR IT........................

Mini K: Pajama Jeans! I saw them on Food Network (she did understand why this statement about Food Network made me laugh)

Me: Why would you need pajama jeans

Mini K: Because I could sleep in the them and not have to change clothes for school AND if you order them during Chopped, you get a free shirt so all I would have to do is put shoes on.

Me: That's not really why people buy pajama jeans, but wouldn't you get tired of wearing the same thing everyday?

Mini K: Don't they come in different colors?

Me: No and thankfully they don't come in little sizes.

Mini K: Nevermind.

I dodge a bullet on that one. The funniest part to me was that she thinks they are somehow related to the Food Network and that they really are pajamas.

Tonight she and Mr. G are on their weekly date to the ice rink and I am making a pumpkin struesel coffee cake. I can't wait to share my new favorite etsy seller, and a discount code, but the items are in Baby C's room and he is asleep so the post and photos will have to wait until tomorrow.

We also want to say THANK YOU for all of the photo card orders coming in! We are thrilled with our new paper store, the values and the quality, but most of all thank you for supporting our business. You can now shop directly through the blog by clicking on Paper Store above and all photo cards are 20% off until October 31st and matching return address labels or envelope printing is 50% off.

Happy Friday!


Miss Sweet Tea said...

LOL - too funny! Have a great weekend!

M said...

That is so hilarious! It sounds as though she put a lot of thought into her argument...

Landlocked Mermaid said...

she makes me laugh !! Love mini k and maybe we all need pajama jeans xo

DC GOP Girl said...

Totally made my night. And because I just HAD to google to see what PajamaJeans were... she may be on to something. ;)