Monday, October 24, 2011

Etsy Find

I order from etsy...A LOT. I love the concept, supporting a small business and purchasing something that is custom and unique. There is something about a monogram or a custom piece that makes it mean more to me.

If you are on twitter you know that Baby C is a BIG BOY. His feet are the same size that Mini K wore when she was 3! A couple of weeks ago we put him in a 2T romper and he looked like he was waiting...on a massive flood. The 3T was huge around the middle and call me crazy but I refuse to pay to have aleterations done on every single outfit for an 18 month old.

So I thought, etsy will solve my problem and solve they did. I discovered Bradley Jean and immediately fell in love with their designs, style and their prices shocked me. A custom designed monogrammed smocked out for the same price I would pay for non-personalized out of a catalog.

I messaged Bradley Jean, took Baby C's measurements and ordered a bubble and a romper, both monogrammed and made to his measurements. H
ere is the stunner...they arrived, and fit perfectly, in less than 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wasn't able to get him to sit still for a photograph on Sunday when he wore the romper, but considering I could have sold 12 of them during mass alone, you get the idea. The fabric is great quality light khaki cord, the applique is monogrammed with top notch stitching and it fits perfectly!

I love the green of this romper. The thread is an ivory and it looks adorable with his white walking shoes and knee socks. I believe in knee socks. Little boys have the rest of their lives to wear Ralph Lauren and Thomas Pink button downs with pants so I plan on dressing Baby C as a baby!

Bradley Jean is offering you 10% your order with code: Fall2011. I am NOT being paid for this post and plan on ordering from them again, and again.


DC GOP Girl said...

Super-d-duper cute stuff.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

llloooooove heading there right now!!! Grove Gal K I should just hand you my amex :) love you xo