Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trinket Dish

I grew up hearing my mother call these trinket dishes so that is what I call them. I think most people call them ring dishes. At the Grove if we cannot find what we want, we just have it made. I have never been a fan of those dishes that have the stick in the center that you put your ring around because they never have space for my watch, bracelet and earrings.

So off we went in search of what we wanted....we have partnered with an American painter to create these monogrammed trinket dishes. In my opinion they are the perfect gift for sisters, friends, mothers, teachers, babysitters....you name it! The dishes are $40 each that includes your monogram and a painted bauble if you wish. You can choose from diamond earrings, a sapphire ring, a diamong engagement ring and your bauble can either be "platinum" or "gold"! Your monogram or initial can be in your choice of color. The dishes are 4.25" in diameter.

We just had a bride order these dishes for her bridesmaids and we are going to wrap them up for her with a pair of earrings and ribbon to match her wedding colors. One of these would make the perfect gift for a newly engaged gal!

Because there is somuch to customize we are selling these at our trunk shows and through email. You can leave a comment on the blog and we will email you to help you with your order or you can email us directly at grovegifts @gmail.com

Which one is your favorite?

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Beantown Prepster said...

OOh I LOVE these! One of these pretties may be going on my xmas list. Love, love, love!