Monday, October 3, 2011

Manic Monday

Can I say Manic Weekend? The last 4 days have been a blur. All of us got flu shots and both Baby C and Mini K turned into manic sleepers. I realize that virtual dirty looks are being thrown at me right now, but when you are used to your kids being on a schedule to get things done and all they want to do is sleep that posed a see my work was what else but errands. I can carry Baby C in and out of everywhere but Baby C, Mini K and the dry cleaning, groceries, boxes to ship, well not so much!

We also fast forwarded right through fall this weekend into winter and it seems that Baby C was expecting a flood so we are pant shopping. I am just going to say this, but this weekend was yet another reason that I find shopping for a baby boy depressing. Cargo pants, for what pacifiers, motorcycle pants, complete with zippers and pockets and my favorite sighting in D.C. camo, because if you cannot own a shotgun then you really NEED hunting pants, for an infant.

We ended up with a massive mini Boden order of pants and another box of longsleeve t-shirts to send off to the monogrammer.

The silver lining was the luxury of hours spent on Pinterest and etsy and new Butter nail polish for the fall!

I did manage to get some work done and confirmed that we will be launching some new products just in time for the holidays.

Tonight I will do my weekly routine of going to the grocery store at 9:30pm at night, with my earbuds in, pandora turned on and get everything for the week.

Not a very exciting post, but sometimes being a working mom is crossing things off of your list and one of the blessings is being able to do it with your kids or when they are asleep.

Speaking of making lists...who has a wish list for Christmas and what is on it????

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