Thursday, September 29, 2011

Deals, Discounts and Planning Ahead

We have gotten so many sweet emails and wanted to say thank you! We know it has been a challenge these last few years to view and order paper from us if you don't live near us or see us at shows and we are so happy to FINALLY be able to make it easy on you!
Since we can't figure out how to have a proper launch party with champagne and macarons via our new paper site, we thought we would have some specials instead!

So if you cannot join us in person for a cocktail you can at least enjoy the party favors!

Launch Party Specials!

and we saved the BEST one for last:

We would love to know what is your favorite item on the new site?

I am partial to two:
The has been Mini K's nickname since before she was born!
The Monkey...could we call Baby C anything else?
You can shop them all HERE!

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