Saturday, September 10, 2011

Growing Growing Gone

Mini K is on a mission to keep our UPS and Fed Ex man gainfully employed. Between her legs and her feet and we will throw in her arms too, she is a growing machine!

One of her new chores this year is to check the mail. Full disclosure...this probably wasn't my smartest parenting decision, because Mini K has turned into a catalog junkie!

The one that caught her eye was Next Direct. It looks like Britain's version of Old Navy, assuming Boden would be the Gap. Does that make any sense?

The prices are beyond reasonable, less than $60 for a 3/4 length girls down jacket and $68 for girls riding boots.

Today I caved and we placed an order. I will let you know how the clothes are in person when they arrive. In the meantime, has anyone ordered from them? Am I setting myself up for a return trip?


M said...

Those boots are beyond presh! Sounds like you have quite the little fashionista on your hands. :)

Tracy said...

Really? I've categorized Boden as J. Crew but blander...