Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Work In Progress

The Grove started almost 9 years ago in my home. It has grown so much since then. Four years ago, Grove Gal E and I decided to hire a web company to build us a proper home on the web. We loved our logo, it looked great on paper, and stickers, and even better with a bow, but it wasn't on the web (or the WORLD WIDE WEB as my dad still calls it!).

The problem was the site never really worked the way we wanted it to, the way we think people shop. We have tried fixing it, but sometimes you just have to throw it all out and start over. So we are in the process of starting over. I know, I know, not the best time of year for a gift company to have a fresh start, but why should we start being normal now!

So like any smart southern gals, we had a Plan B, or in this case a Plan P for paper. You can still go to our original site and shop our gift items. It will stay just where it is until the new one is complete.


We wanted to launch the new and improved paper site NOW so you can enjoy shopping for your holiday cards and gift stickers without pulling your hair out on our old site.

Let's just call this our second home, we envision it on a beach, with calorie free cocktails and cookie dough, and of course lots of fabulous paper, stickers, invites and photo cards. You of course are our guests and we hope you visit often and tell us what you like so we can make sure it is always in stock!

You can now find us HERE! Please bookmark it so you can find your way back for many visits to come.


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Nelle Somerville said...

Ooh can't wait to see the new digs. Best of luck to you! xoxo