Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Whirlwind Wednesday

This has been one of those weeks: 7 trips to the doctor, 3 sets of x-rays, 4 stitches, 5 prescriptions, a broken 50" tv (this made Mr G and Mini K wince in pain!) and it is only Wednesday. I know this too shall pass, but that thought never seems to make things less stressful.

I tend to exercise when stressed, which sounds good, but I also shop and bake so really the bad still outweigh the good!

So far I have only placed things in my shopping cart after Baby C and Mini K are in bed and then one of them stirs and I walk away from the computer.

Well the tv should be fixed tonight...the short story is, the next time you hear a man tell a how many women does it take to fix a lightbulb, can say at least 1 less than the number of men required to change a lightbulb on a heavy rear projection television! I will be back at the doctor tomorrow morning, followed by Mini K in the afternoon and Baby C on Friday morning.

As I mentioned my silver lining has been virtual shopping and kids Chloraseptic lollipops. Moms go out NOW and stock up before flu and strep throat season start. Mini K is using them for a different reason, but seriously, this is yet another product that I wonder how I ever lived without.

Before the drama started this week I made an appointment with a woman to come clean out my closet and give me my shopping list. I am great about finding 1,000 things I like, but other than shoes and handbags can never follow through with purchasing clothes for myself. I have a hard time with the professional look during the day, dressy casual at night and outfits to play with my kids in. I am pretty sure I could live in Lululemon and handbags and jewelry, but I am pretty sure it would only fly in my head!

So here is what is on my look list this week:

I saw this Juicy sweater on an August day when it was a mere 106 degrees and fell in love! One of my favorite things about winter is pairing a cardigan like this with a button down untucked, leggings and boots or jeans and longsleeve tee with a statement necklace. It's on sale now so I may not wait for the stylist, it might be purchased tonight!

I will be ordering a couple of these kate spade lipsticks this weekend from a friend who works in the Lenox Mall store. I try and order from friends in retail so they can get a commission when I can, and it is not like I need new lipstick at a doctor's appointment.
I always look at the YSL Muse bags, but end up purchasing something else. I keep coming back to this blue color and the HUGE size. Extra-large never seems to bother me when it describes a handbag!

I also promised several of you I would give you my review of the Next clothing I ordered for Mini K. I placed my order on Sunday and it arrived yesterday. The two puffer coats I ordered are ADORABLE. The quality is as good if not better than J.Crew's crewcuts and the price was one-third. I ordered her the red wellies with the ribbon in the back, for less than $30 and they are TOO CUTE. I will let you know how it wears, but so far I am thrilled!

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Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

SEVEN trips to the doctor?!? Buy the blue Muse. You've clearly earned it, Mama!