Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Was I Thinking...

I am still in recovery mode from last night, no not cocktails, but Cross Fit. I can sum it up with following description: 45 minutes of constant movement followed by a morning after of soreness and a 5lb weight loss. Am I going back? Absolutely. There was something slightly addicting about a 45 minute workout where I did not have to think, just follow instructions.

So today was spent at an offsite meeting and now I am home and looking forward to tackling my list and add more fabulous finds to PGG.

I promise to be back a little later with a Discount Thursday update. I might just post some of my favorite sale items as the stores that I want to send me codes, just haven't gotten the message.


preppyinnewengland said...

WOW! Can these guys come up to Boston?

ms. mindless said...

1. i need to try this crossfit business. it is a shame i took all the big jeans at the gap party.

2. you are AMAZING and i am so glad we got to chat at the gap party!

3. you have to come out with landlocked mermaid and i. mini k can come too. we always like bebes.