Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Madness-Pour Me A Big Glass Of Water

Starting today I am also limiting myself to 1, yes Grove Gal E, just 1 diet coke a day. And for you health nuts out there, yes I know diet coke is bad for me, but I rarely drink, I don't drink coffee, I don't smoke, and I workout. I think as a working mom I deserve at least one vice.

This means I need to start drinking a lot more water. As with everything in my life, I get bored easily, so plain water just won't do the trick. So today we are sporting a pitcher of water with cucumber all time favorite flavor.

My recent beverage changes are the inspiration for this week's Monday Madness. This week only our monogrammed acrylic pitcher is 20% off. So instead of the regular $38, you can purchase it for $30.40. This is a great birthday, shower or pick me up gift. SOme of my favorite ways to gift this item:

Pick Me Up: I often give this pitcher with a variety of lemonade mixes...get it when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Birthday: Pair the pitcher with your favorite sangria recipe and ingredients.

Shower: I love to give an unusual shower gift. Wedding gifts are ALWAYS from the registry, but I confess I tend to stray for the shower. This pitcher, monogrammed with the couple's monogram goes great paired with some monogrammed paper napkins, a bottle of sweet tea vodka, some gourmet lemonade mix and a great candle. Essentially, all they need for a relaxed night of cocktails outdoors.

And all of you blogging experts...I need your help..I have no idea how I underlined the first paragraph so how do I undo it.

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