Thursday, August 20, 2009

Saying Goodbye Makes Me Sad

No not to blogging, but today was Mini K's last day at her day school. She has been there since she was 16 months old and the teachers and staff are like family. They have been with us through 2 operations, countless doctor's appointments, several false alarms and we will miss them all. Mini K is starting her "big girl" preschool on September 1st. Mr. Grove joked, the school might be changing, but the bow will ALWAYS be in her hair. Today was no exception.

I didn't want today to be sad, so I do what I do best: I threw a party! And doesn't cake make everything better? So the always talented Christina at Simply Sweet Bakery came up with one amazing crayon cake.

So many hugs, and yes a few tears later, we are home. Mini K is sound asleep and our bags are packed. She is starting her "big girl" life by coming on a business trip with Mr. Grove and I to Williamsburg. My mother is coming along with us and they have their own suite at the hotel. The magi room fairies will visit (room service), she will float in the pool and they are going to meet Elmo. Double thanks to my mom for saving me the Elmo experience.

And what always makes me matter what we are doing if you ask Mini K what her favorite part of the day was she says RIGHT NOW in a loud booming voice and smile on her face. I will confess I used to take this for granted, but have come to realize it is a lesson. She lives in the present, and even getting in trouble passes and the fun returns. So since we are starting many new adventures in the Grove House these days, mine will be to live for the right now, because even the bad stuff passes quickly.

And with that, my super sore muscles from Crossfit, I am off to dreamland.


Anonymous said...

I really love this post. Even when I was Mini K's age I lived in the future. I always wanted to grow up.

It is a hard thing to live in the present.

Anonymous said...

how sweet!! hope y'all have a great trip!! = )

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Oh my gosh!! she is precious! I need to start saying that. I love her bow... I need to see this rocking rock solid cross fit body soon! have fun on the business trip xo

DC GOP Girl said...

Super cute cake. Mini K is lucky to have such a great mom.