Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only 2 Hours Left!

I felt like sharing, so through midnight tonight take 20% OFF your total purchase from the fabulously talented KEP Designs.

Coupon code: SUMMER
I currently have the following in my shopping cart and am trying to decide. I love my green and pink necklace and the tulip clasps can't be outdone.
Image Courtesy of KEP Designs

Image Courtesy of KEP Designs

Don't judge...I am also tracking 4, yes 4, missing packages. And don't be like Mr. Grove and point out, if what you have already ordered hasn't been delivered, why are you ordering more.

My response: I am optimist of course.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Mr. Guru tracks packages on his phone so that way he can tell when they are going to be delivered! I think that he loves getting packages in the mail more then shopping!

Kimba said...

My coin pearls (your top picture) has replaced my daily "normal" pearls, I love it that much!