Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mini K's Sleepover = Parents Night Out

For the record, no we did not leave Mini K and a friend all by themselves last night. Mini K's idol R (that sounds better than big girl she wants to be EXACTLY like) came over last night for Mini K's first "sleepover". Our nanny came over and watched them while Mr. Grove and I joined R's parents, Grove Gal E and her husband for what can only be described as some of the best people watching in the greater D.C. area. I also don't think that Mini K and R have ever really shoved us out the door so they could have fun with Miss Kristy without us.

We had planned to spend the evening at the new W Hotel's rooftop bar..the best view in D.C., but we had a change of plans. We ended up heading over to a sing along piano bar in National Harbor. It seems the "cool people" make a table reservation (remember this is D.C. not NYC and who ever heard of reservations at a sing along bar) so we headed upstairs to the cheap seats, or really stools. Well let me tell you, those are the only seats you should occupy, because you can see the entire bar and all of the action. Our piano players for the night were 2 guys that were dead ringers for Hall and Oats (those of you who don't know who Hall and Oats are please don't leave that in the comments), a lookalike Meatloaf and a young guy who could play Coldplay and Kings of Leon on the piano. Overall, very talented musicians. We were not prepared for the fact that ALL OF THEM had groupies that stalked them. Remember we are not talking Dave Matthews, but piano players in D.C.

But the crowd, well that was the gift that kept on giving. Imagine a mix of American Idol wannabes, Biggest Loser contestants, cowboys, college kids and Sean Combs wannabes. Seriously who knew all of these people lived in the area...and I don't think we can blame a convention on a Saturday night. I don't think we stopped laughing for 4 hours straight. Okay, maybe when we had to bust out singing some Journey, Springsteen, John Cougar, and so many more.

I spent today in my own memorial for John Hughes watching 16 Candles. I must say, nothing against Michael Jackson, but how many of you think of John Hughes movies when you think of your teenage years? In my opinion, he deserves the Staples Center 50,000 person memorial service just as much as Michael Jackson. His movies defined a generation and I don't know who will make those movies for Mini K's generation. I am guessing she ends up just watching the originals. Breakfast Club is my all time favorite.

And now it is Sunday night. It always seems to come too soon. I seem to see fall on every website, but cannot bear to think about cashmere when it is 99 degrees outside. The realization that Mini K's first day of school is in 3 short weeks. Life goes by faster each year. So to all of you, I hope you had a great weekend. This weekend proved to me yet again that sometimes the best memories are made when you have a change of plans.


Sandra said...

This is a great post. So many truths here. Thank you! xoxo


Hi, just wanted to stop by to say how much I've enjoyed your posts. Thank you !