Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Monday

It's almost 9 o'clock and I am finally home.  A long day of meetings, my first Crossfit workout in 7 weeks,  insurance and a printer secured for my new "day job", 3 birthday presents secured, a new baby gift mailed and I am done!

Mini K is enjoying her first "school night" of the summer and staying up late with her Daddy to watch the Kings win the Stanley Cup...or at least that is what she thinks they are going to do!

Since today has been crazy, I thought I would share some finds and deals that I am just now catching up on!

Small Business Owners
48 Hour Print is now on Ebates.  They are giving 7.5% cash back on all purchases and if you use code ROCKIN20 you get 20% off your total purchase and FREE shipping.  I think 48 Hour Print is the best place for business cards, letterhead, postcards and banners.  They allow you to select rounded corners at no charge and I love me some rounded corners.  If you haven't joined Ebates, you can HERE.

Maybe it's the constant summer showering after tennis, swim and dive practice or the thought of 2 new bathrooms and an upstairs laundry room, but I am a sucker for a thick white towel with a monogram.  Horchow has a great selection, doesn't charge for a monogram and now participates in Ebates.  This means I can score a power play (triple play for the non hockey fans!):  I can get Incircle points by paying with my Neimans card, no charge for monograms and 3.5% cash back in my Ebates account!

So Baby C is all into snacking and the entire Grove house is a big fan of popcorn!  I blame it on the fact that we are all Red Sox can you have baseball without popcorn?  I am constantly trying to find new brands to try for family movie night and discovered Bentley's popcorn.  It is so good and an even better deal when you can get it for $19 instead of $39, and save an additional 20% with code:  PDBDAY!    Order it HERE and you will have it in time for your next movie night!

This stands for Gift On Hand!  I always like to have a couple of non-personalized items for when friends need a little pick me up and baked goods, dinner or wine won't do!  Scarves are some of my favorites because they don't take up a lot of space and every woman I know loves them.  You can get one of these infinity pashminas for $15, plus an extra 20% off with coupon code:  PDBDAY HERE!

That's all I got for now!  I am off to snuggle with Mini K and teach her how to needlepoint, because these days won't last forever!

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WorthyStyle said...

Thank you for telling me 48 Hour Print is now on ebates - I am definitely going to order some stuff from them this weekend!