Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3 More Days!

First, my apologies...I had two other posts that should have gone up while I was gone last week, but I scheduled them for AUGUST and not May!  I will master this scheduled post option.

Last week was a whirlwind, but we had a great time, well everyone except Baby C.  Let's just say that is NOT a fan of being away from his big sister for a week.

This is Mini K's last week of kindergarten.  I am already in denial that she will be a first grader in a matter of 3 days!  I have also given myself a deadline of this Friday night to have our new products available on our website.  I may not have been posting for a week, but the Grove has been busy getting our new products ready.

Since I read many of your blogs, I know that those of us that plan tend to be attracted to each other.  There has been a lot of talk on both twitter and Facebook (and my inbox too!) of recent engagements or party needs.

So........from now until June 12th ALL save the dates, wedding invites, shower invites and wedding announcements are 25% OFF!  Just enter code BLISS25 at checkout!  I have always loved THIS shower invite.  Simple, classic and oh so chic.

Speaking of chic, I will give you a sneak peek at some of our new products.  Our wayfarers have been a HUGE hit.  We were determined to find a good pair of polarized tortoise glasses, monogrammed of course, for a great price.  Since most street vendors sell their non-polarized glasses for $25, I think we did a good job.  For those of you that have been emailing asking if we would consider another style, we can now say YES!  Our Socialite Sunnies will soon be on our site.  We channeled our inner Jackie O., made the lenses & the monogram BIGGER (everything in Texas is bigger after all right?) and kept the price the same $36.50 that you all love.

Since we already channeling our inner Jackie O., we kept going.  The result is a classic bag evening bag, with a dash of sparkle and a monogram of course!  We love the look of this classic black beaded clutch with a silver monogram.   You can select any two colors you want.  Our other favorite is the silver bag with the gold monogram.  We had a bride who ordered these bags for her bridesmaids.  She is going to fill them with blotting papers, Chanel lip gloss, Altoids and tissues and then have us wrap them all up in cello with a big bow in her wedding colors and use them as place cards at her Bridal Luncheon.  How cute is that?

We will also give you a DEAL ALERT:  ALL baby shower invites and birth announcements will be 30% OFF (yes 30%!!) from June 16th-19th.

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