Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Catch Up

I did a double take when I saw the date of my last post.  In some ways it feels like that long since I have sat down to type, in other ways I do not know where the time has gone!

While the cast is off my foot and I no longer have pain, my range of motion is NOT back the way I thought it would be and the top of my foot looks like I am carrying an 8oz bottle of water in it.  I probably expected too much too soon as it has only been 8 weeks, but I will admit to you that I am little afraid it might not come back.

Grove Gal E is about to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of her 39th birthday and deciding what to get her has proven to be harder than I thought.  In the end I decided to have something made for her and am hoping it arrives in time as her birthday is fast approaching.

Mini K had her second dive meet tonight.  For those of you that have a diving team past, she did the pencil and a forward dive.  I love watching her concentrate as she goes into the water and the huge grin that emerges as soon as her head gets above water.  I don't think I could jump, dive whatever off of a diving board at 6 with 100 pairs of eyes staring at me and total silence.

We are slowly getting used to our new summer nanny.  I should say Mini K is slowly adjusting.  Baby C adores her as does half of the neighborhood, myself and Mr. G.  I am just realizing that Mini K was more attached than I thought to Miss J.

Between my existing job during the day, setting up my new company at night and trying to add new products to the Grove, I confess I have turned into a work hermit.

We are in New York for a bit of a family emergency until Sunday and I am hoping that I can catch up on some blogs, start a new beach read and watch a couple of episodes of the new Dallas.

I know this blog is usually more fun, but tonight I just needed to post a vent for my mental health.

I will also drop a little hint, the Grove will be doing something is has NEVER done tomorrow so you might want to check back!  We LOVE 4th of July in the Grove and we start celebrating early.  Let's just say this surprise will save you from crow's feet and leave you enough for a venti Starbuck's.  With that....I am off to dreamland.

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