Thursday, June 7, 2012

Field Day Color War

I cannot believe that after tomorrow Mini K will be in 1st grade, but today was FIELD DAY.  The great blue vs. white color war.  Mini K is on Team Blue and she takes great pride in knowing that because she is on Team Blue, Baby C, if he goes to her school, will also be on Team Blue.

She insisted we decorate a white a t-shirt and come up with all of the Blue team spirit we could muster.  I promise I will post a photo of her shirt, but she decided that since it said GO BLUE it needed to have a blue car painted on it, well, because cars GO.

My mom was always great about making even the small events important and I really want to try and pass that on to Mini K.  After seeing my mom battle cancer for the third time this past year, you realize that each day is a gift that we sometimes take for granted.  The question became, what besides a fabulous sapphire bracelet, earrings, ring (okay maybe that was my list) would celebrate her first year on the BLUE team.

That's when I discovered the Color Wars bracelets from Rock This Jewelry!  I ordered a GO BLUE and 4 days later it was in my mailbox and Mini K was over the moon to celebrate field day with a little bling.  These bracelets are not your typical thread friendship bracelets, but stretchy and adjustable.  Did I mention they are only $16?

Rock This also sells bracelets that you can customize with a name, zip code, school name or camp name.  Mini K has already picked out a few more for her wish list.  I guess that means that arm candy isn't just for adult wrists!

I wanted to share in case some of you were looking for something special for camp, end of the school year or planning ahead for stocking stuffers.

Mini K is now a big fan of Rock This and I am too!  As for those pesky new rules, I was NOT compensated for this post.  I share the products that I love or have found with all of you, because time is always in short supply!

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