Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

While we all know I love candy corn (Brachs only, no knock offs!), I will confess that I don't really like Halloween.  Sandy was clearly the trick that none of us needed and I am hopeful that the treat will be watching people help their neighbors come together to rebuild and do what they can to help after the storm.

The storm raged around us, but somehow the power stayed on and even more shocking, our 200 year old tree that was scheduled to be taken down next week stayed UP.  We are still having it taken down and it is not safe, but letting our tree guy take care of those who need trees and debris removed ASAP.  Would you believe our contractor's team worked all day Monday, was back here yesterday and again this morning at 8am?  Both Mini K and Baby C are back in school today!  Both have Halloween parties and parades at their schools today and both are super heroes, monogrammed of course!  I promise to post photos, once they are in their costumes!

The candy from trick or treating won't be staying in our house this year and I am thrilled about that!  I am a big believer in finding little acts to teach kids about helping others.  Mini K and I are coordinating candy donation for her school this year.  All of the classes (pre-K through 8th) are bringing their candy to my truck and off it is going to Mattie's Miracle Foundation!  Mattie was a little boy, not much older than Mini K who lost his battle with cancer.  His parents now run a foundation in his name and all of the donated candy will stock the snack cart that visits pediatric patients at Georgetown University Hospital.  Such a simple way to help out and I am sure all of you have something like that in your town and I encourage you to reach out to them this holiday season.

I have been a blur of orders and ribbon and cello in the Grove, but tomorrow marks the start of the holiday season!  For those of you that have emailed, our Holiday Cards are still 20% off and if you want to save yourself time you can get your envelopes printed or return address stickers for 50% off when you order your cards through this SUNDAY.

November is also the month that my beloved RED CUPS return.  Call me crazy, but there is something about a Starbuck's Red Cup that gets me in the holiday spirit!

I am off to do some last minute Halloween party prep and a conference call or two!  I hope you all have a Happy Halloween filled with treats and no tricks!

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