Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grease Lightening

YES!  I know Sandy is a hurricane, but thanks to Mr. G the grease theme song is stuck in my head.  Our weatherman claims this storm will be EPIC, the grocery stores have been cleaned out of frozen food, because when they predict you will lose power, the one thing you should buy is frozen food right?

Mr. G claimed my hurricane checklist includes monograms, a manicure, a trip to UPS, a Big Gulp of diet dr. pepper and some lip balm.  I told him I was able to not worry about it because he took care of everything when he had our generator installed!  We spent today running some errands, and I will confess to purchasing a few new Essie colors of nail polish, a new coat for Mini K and we did drop off a few orders at UPS to go out tomorrow morning, but I spent this afternoon processing orders and adding some new products to the Grove.

Schools have already been cancelled for tomorrow and Tuesday and I have lost count of the number of times Mini K has "checked" on her itouch battery life so she can be ready when the power goes out....even though the generator will turn it back on 2 minutes after it goes out!

Today is the last day of our 30% off sale on coaster, gift tags, enclosure cards, stickers and bag tags.  The code is:  HGIFT12.  We have had a lot of brides order these gift tags to attach to their out of town bags!

Despite their season this year, a lot of Auburn fans ordered these coasters yesterday, so we know their tailgating will be done in style!

A big thank you to our customers that have made me feel like I am not the only one by ordering stickers that just say:  TO:
                      XOX, The Smiths
I ALWAYS have stickers that say this so I can use them year round and not just during the holidays.  My two favorite designs are these colorful stripes and these grass green stickers.

I finally got around to adding all of our new hair bows and you can find them HERE.

In case you are wondering what time the storm will hit, you be on time with our new double wrap Sasha Rhett watches!  I have one in orange ostrich and LOVE it.  You can find them HERE.

Some of you may have seen the preview of our new weekend Getaway Bag on our Facebook page, and now it can be found HERE.

I am off to cook dinner (read order takeout once I decide what everyone wants!) before the Sandy blows through!  I hope you all keep your power and your sanity through this "epic" storm.

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