Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Sale!

Please excuse the lack of posts!  Tuesday threw me a curve ball!  My internist had told me that my foot was badly bruised and my arched had fallen.  It hurt so I went with it.  By Tuesday morning, I could barely walk so I called, or Mr. G actually insisted I call my orthopedic surgeon.  One appointment and 2 x-rays and a shattered sesamoid bone later, I am in a walking boot on my right foot.  I have a cat scan on Monday to see if surgery is needed which I pray I can avoid.

SO while I may be moving a bit slower, I think we really need to celebrate the weekend and look forward to the holidays....hopefully a walking foot free holiday!

A lot of our clients have asked us if we are going to do a sticker sale and we thought we could do a little better than that!


From tomorrow until Sunday ALL stickers, bag tags, coasters, gift enclosures and hanging tags are 30% off with code:  HGIFT12.

These coasters make a great hostess gift, stocking stuffer or present for neighbors, coaches and college kids!  Help someone entertain in style!
These classic khaki coasters are one of our best sellers!

I love giving people gift stickers as gifts.  You always need them and you could do a couple of designs and wrap them up in a box.

Bag tags are the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list!  Your black suitcase won't be mistaken again!  I LOVE these square orange and pick tags!  Personalize them with name and address or your child's name on one side and emergency contact information on the other.

Baby C has these gift stickers and I can just write in the name of who the gift is for and off we go!  At 30% off each one of these stickers is less than 1/3 of the price of a birthday card and you don't have to make a trip to the store!

I love the clean modern lines of these stickers and often give them as hostess gifts.  I simply wrap them in a cello bag and tie a lollipop or two for the hosts minnies and know they will get more than a one time use like a bottle of wine.

As much as I love a good sticker, there are times, when I just need an enclosure card so I can write a little more!  The Grove carries both flat and folded enclosure cards, but I am partial to a folded enclosure in a tiny little envelope.  There is something about the envelope that I think is better suited for more formal and special circumstances.  Polka dots are everywhere this season, including on my enclosure cards!

Our 30% off sale ends on Sunday!  We hope this makes your weekend a little brighter!  Just enter code:  HGIFT12

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WorthyStyle said...

What an awesomely generous sale!! Thank you!