Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday FIVE

This post is late today, but I had a tantrum this morning.  A BIG TANTRUM.  Not the screaming and tears of a toddler, but the seething anger of an adult.  I woke up, got Mini K off to school and then caught Congressman Michael Grimm's interview on the Today Show and it sent me over the edge.  To think that Staten Island is an area where A LOT of the NYPD and NYFD lives and it has been forgotten.  I am not saying that others did not suffer, but until about an hour ago, Staten island was mainly being discussed as the starting point for the now cancelled NYC marathon.  Then I realized I could do something about it, so we are filling two trucks and sending them to Staten Island.  It is a small effort organized by friends who like me, wanted to do something other than read and post on Facebook.  I hate feeling helpless!

Tonight we will watch the benefit on tv with Mini K.  She may not have a concept of Haiti or New Orleans, but peanut know NYC!  We will watch it in our home, with power and heat and we will be thankful!

Ok...I have stepped off of my soap box and let's talk about the Friday FIVE.

1.  The Holidays Are Coming!
Pumpkin pie, Chick Fil A's Chocolate Peppermint Shake, red cups at Starbucks and all of them make me smile.  I look forward to opening my mailbox during this time of year, the pictures, the catalogues, what can I say, but I love ALL OF IT!  Our holiday card sale at the Grove ends this Sunday, but you still have time to take 20% off your card order and 50% off envelope printing or return address stickers. You can see all of the designs HERE.  The sale includes flat or folded cards as well as apply your own photo cards.  This one is a favorite of mine!

2.  Glasses
NEVER did I think I would put glasses, as in prescription glasses, on the Friday FIVE, but after more than 30 years, the doctor said I needed them last year.  I ordered a pair of Tory Burch frames and lenses, but had been wanting a spare pair just in case.  I saw an ad for a free pair of Coastal glasses and gave them a try.  My glasses arrived today, less than 10 days after I ordered them and I LOVE them!  I got a pair of  wayfarers with my lenses for FREE.   I only paid $28 for anti-reflective coating and shipping, the shipping was only $9, the rest was my coating.  I won't complain about $28 for glasses that should of cost me $228!  You can get your first pair of glasses free too with code:  FIRSTPAIRFREE.  If you have been wanting a fun pair of glasses, or want a spare pair for yourself or your minnie, you can see all of the styles HERE.

3.  New Balance
Baby C's feet seem to grow a size a week....not really but it feels that way.  He keeps saying he wants string shoes like his sissy.  That would be running shoes that tie and not velcro.  SO today, I finally broke down and ordered them.  I wonder how many pairs of these shoes he will own in his lifetime as his daddy wears them still!  I ordered them from the new sister site of, After School, and got them fr 30% off with free shipping.  You can use code AFTER30 to take 30% off one item in the store.  I will say they have a huge selection of roller skates, the classic ones, not inline, if you have a little girl who has been asking for them!

4.  One Foot, Two Foot, Red Foot, Wild Foot!
No I am not writing a Dr. Seuss knock off, but I am LOVING that I was able to find my size in these leopard Kate Spade flats at 40% off during Nordstrom's sale.

5.  Surprise Offers!
I am in LOVE with our gold 1.5" hand engraved necklace.  It is classic yet makes a bold statement.  If you aren't a fan of ours on Facebook, you may want to be as we will be making you a special offer on this necklace and our silver one tomorrow!  You can find our Facebook page HERE and if you already are a fan make sure you can see our posts by going to our page, then click the circular "gear" symbol below our timeline photo. From the drop-down menu, select "Add to Interest Lists." This ensures that you'll see all of our posts despite the recent changes to Facebook.

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