Monday, November 5, 2012

It Was Only A Facebook Post

Actually it started with an email to a friend, both of us venting about why Staten Island hadn't seen any relief workers.  Then it turned into 2 Facebook posts and then as J put it: "we lost control and it took over."

That is pretty much been my Saturday, Sunday, today and now Mr. G's tomorrow.  We said we wanted to collect supplies to drive a Tahoe or two up to Staten Island.  We also said people could drop off items on my front porch or at J's office.  We woke up Saturday morning to a porch so full our contractors could not open the front door and J's office lobby was full.

Cue the first UHaul 26 FOOT TRUCK that we never thought we would fill.  It was full in less than 24 hours!  So off it went to Howland Hook Terminal on Staten Island today.  We still had donations so we got another 26 FOOT TRUCK and guess what, we filled it!  Mr. G is spending election day to drive it up to Staten Island and back tomorrow and we now have almost filled a 3rd 26 FOOT TRUCK.

We have had people drive over an hour to bring us stuff.  I won't attempt to list everyone here or on my Facebook page, because I know I will forget someone and don't want to leave them out.  All I can say is thank you thank you thank you!  There are children who will have formula, police officers who will have a coat and people that are sleeping in cars that do not have gasoline will at least have a blanket.  We didn't solve everyone's problems, but we did something and more importantly we now can point to these 2 original Facebook posts and tell our children:

Be careful what you put on Facebook, because it can get out of control!


mFw said...

This is absolutely wonderful!!! I am so impressed! Its so wonderful you live close enough to do this!

kp said...


Bethany said...

This is so amazing! I mentioned your generous efforts on my blog today.

WorthyStyle said...

Wow. What an incredible impact. I am so proud of you all. That is amazing!