Sunday, March 4, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I feel like I have been in a rut for the past few months so I have been trying to brnach out and try some new things. Nothing earth shattering and of course my new favorites all seem to be on the same style path as my trusted favorites!

Miss Headband had posted these two items on her blog so I tweeted her on my recent CVS visit so I could pick them both up. I have to confess the mascara is just as good as my $40+ Chanel tube, not kidding. This eye roller is amazing...the puffiness is done in mere minutes!
While I wait for Mad Men to come back, I am excited to see that one of the books we read in book club will now be a Sunday night ABC show. Let's hope GCB lives up to its promos as I am not impressed with Smash.
I know many of you warned me that little boy clothes just weren't as cute as little girl clothes so I am always on the hunt. I am happy to report that Grove will be carrying these cute sweaters, and they are available by special order on our Facebook page now. Just leave a comment with your size, colors, monogram and email and we will take care of the rest. All of the sweaters are made BY HAND not machine in the USA and ship within 2 weeks!
Mr. G gave me some Zobha workout clothes for Valentine's Day (I ASKED for them...I say this because I have gotten some strange looks outside of Crossfit when I am excited to talk about new activewear!). I feel like the line has been in all of the magazines lately and while I love my Lulu they never really seem to have longer tops. I have the low impact tank and tha capris and LOVE them! The tunic is longer than most and the phantom grey capris are the perfect change from my standard black. The best part is when you sign up for their emails you get a promo code for 25% off and shipping is ALWAYS free. I feel like the sizing is the same as Lulu.

Anyone else in a rut? Found a good deal? Have a new favorite to share? I would love to hear! Until GCB, I am off to sterilize the dishwasher and washing machine!

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how i met your father blog said...

those little boy sweaters are PRECIOUS. and i want one. any chance the grove wants to allow this 5'7" twentysix(ish) year old to order one for herself?

love your favorite things... i have dvr'ed GCB and can't wait to take a look. it looks fun, but i, too, hope it lives up to the hype!