Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Countdown Has Started

Week until the new Grove website launches. I finally had to FORCE a deadline on myself. Once it launches, I will still have some things to tweak, but I am so excited to share our new look and products I need to hustle! If you havne't liked us on Facebook, you might want to...because we believe that every launch should involve a favor!

The number of kids that I have to get settled and ready for the next day before I turn my evenings to working on the new site.

The number of birthday presents that I need to wrap and either ship or deliver this week.

The number of monogrammed carryalls that people ordered today!

The number of pounds it looks like you have lost when you wear these Skinny Jeans. I am NOT kidding, and full disclosure I am a normal size 8. I paid full price, but you can get them HERE for half price. I am buying a second pair!

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