Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday FIVE!

Let's just say I am so happy it is Friday! Mini K is so excited to see what shanigans St. Patrick's Day brings in the Grove tomorrow and I am almost finished with my list!

Here is what I am been loving this week!

1. Brach's Jelly Beans. Well really just the white, orange and pink ones. They may have been my "dinner" 3 nights this week!
2. Rowen Footwear. I am loving their classic style and their prices are even better when you purchase through Uscoop. $130 worth of shoes for $65! I LOVE my black Tillie's and just ordered the Peach Tillie's with today's deal.

3. Mini K's new Lilly Pulitzer Sandy swimsuit! She requested ruffles, Greystone requested a onepiece and thanks to Lilly P we both got what we wanted! We have tried just about every swimsuit and I think the Lilly ones are worth every single penny....they last and don't fall apart!
4. Deals! I mean is this news to any of you? Several of you have told me that the colored jeans at Old Navy are just as cute at the Kate Spade jeans and one-tenth of the price...well tomorrow you can get 17% off your ENTIRE Old navy purchase with this coupon!
5. Julep! I may be the last one to know about this, but it is essentially a different sample box company, similar to Birchbox. You pay $19.99 and get $40 worth of samples delivered to your door. Well you can use code MARCHINTRO to get your first box for $0.01 (yep a penny!) plus shipping. I figured I would try it out for a penny and if I don't like it I can cancel it!

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