Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Week?!?!?

This past week is always my busiest week for my day job for the year. I went into with plans of getting home and blogging.

Clearly that DID NOT HAPPEN. I had my last meeting yesterday and performed what I call my de-stressing purge. For me the stress leading up to a meeting or event is like the high you get from working out, but once the meeting is over I feel like I haven't worked out in years and need to get back on track.

So I went for a run, followed by picking Mini K up from school, errands, dinner and our bedtime routine. Once she and her brother were sound asleep I jumped on the elliptical and worked the rest of my nerves, stress out of my system.

I woke up this morning feeling back to my old self, thinking it was Monday, to realize it was actually Tuesday. I plan to spend tonight catching up on all of your blogs and getting a pedicure.

Lawyer's Wife was kind enough to send me a bottle of BUTTER, my favorite polish (thank you note is in the mail!) and I cannot wait to try out this new shade. Snog is the perfect mix between pink and coral.
For my fingers, it's tea time. That would be my tried and trusted shade of Tea with the Queen.
I always take my polish to the nail salon. Am I alone in being a creature of habit when it comes to nail polish shades?


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I always bring my nail polish with me to the salon. I hate the colors the salon here has so I bring my own. Even back in the States, it happened to me a few times that I did not like a single color in a salon, so I always bring my own just in case.

BroncoMom said...

NO, you are not the only one to bring your polish to the salon. My taste is SO not what is on the shelf.