Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Zig Zags Aren't Always Chevron Stripes

Today I took a tumble from a momentary smug mommy moment. Last week my friend K was describing the new "must have" in the first grade set at her daughter's school: Reebok Zigs. You know them, these horrid looking shoes with thick crazy soles. They may be chevron in shape, but lack that Missoni chic factor. I took of breath of smug mommy air and opened my mouth to say I was so grateful that Nikes and Toms were the only shoes that Mini K had mentioned.

Then this morning happened. For the past few weeks, mornings have been sock free and Ugg heavy. Well today it was downright warm, almost 70 degrees in Washington, D.C., so Uggs were not on the fashion forecast, except we had a problem, Mini K's shoes were too small. I caved and let her wear her Nikes, which she usually only wears for tennis and told her we would go to Nordstroms after school.

She went off to school and I went off to work. Needless to say, I had no idea what was waiting for me in the shoe department. As soon as we arrived she raced over to the dreaded Zigs, the ones I didn't think she knew even existed, she turned, faced me, and channeled her inner Rachel Zoe, even though Rachel Zoe wouldn't be caught dead in Zigs, and said she MUST have them. I mean all of the kids have them and why wouldn't I let her. Now my friend K had a great comeback (she did end up buying the Zigs, but I am giving her props for the comeback!), but I just stood there. Zigs to me mark the beginning of long slide in tweendom and that my friends scares me more than a 99% humidity day in the absence of a brazilian blowout. I said a silent prayer that I hoped they wouldn't have her size and asked the associate for her size. Wouldn't you know that they had her size, in three different color choices. OH JOY! So with no escape
route in sight, another warm day predicted tomorrow and no other tennis shoes at home, the Zigs were bagged up and home we went.

Clearly Mr. G is not familiar with Rachel Zoe, or fashion, or the size of Mini K's foot, because he merely said he would have LOVED those shoes as a kid. So today I was voted off the smug mommy island, and I had just clawed my way there for my first visit and thrown into the land of bizarre looking shoes. My silver lining is that there have been no requests for Justice clothing, Justin Bieber dolls or downloads and Mini K still thinks I am cool. It has all been too much for my fragile mom ego, so I am off for a class of wine, some Pinterest therapy and the dreams that we return to the land of Tretorns, Nikes and ballet flats.

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