Sunday, February 19, 2012

Crib Jumping

What a week it has been in the Grove! I had so many posts planned in my head and then orders and the minnies took over and now I find myslef wondering how it is already Sunday! It has been so much fun seeing everyone take advantage of our sale and I love to see what color combos and designs people select.

Our big news is that Baby C at 22 months accomplished the feat of crib jumping...6 months after Mini K achieved it. My goal was to make it his second birthday before we moved him into a bed, but that may be a dream now. Mini K went straight from her crib to a twin bed at 16 months.

I wish I could figure out a way to take the video from our monitor and post it, because these kids could make crib jumping an Olympic sport. What is truly funny is that Baby C gets out the EXACT SAME way his big sister did. They both do this strange looking jump to get their chests on the crib rail and then swing their legs back and forth to get momentum and then launch themsleves over. It seems simply getting over is not enough excitement for them. The first time Mini K did it we ended up in the ER as she landed on her head. Thankfully all was fine and the bed was ordered the next day. Baby C is packing a few more pounds than his sister so he lands on his bottom.
Since we cannot send these two to London to come home with Olympic gold we tried another approach last night: the sleep sack. We never really used sleep sacks with Baby C so when we pulled one out last night he started shaking his head and saying no dress, no dress. A little chase and wrestle later and the sleep sack was on! I so thought we had won the battle, but it seems crib jumping has a companion sport and it is potato sack racing.


Around 6am he decided to eject himself from the crib and then proceeded to jump to the kitchen and ask for eggs.

If Mini K would have done this I would have had a heart attack, but Baby C is my second child and I am a more laid back mom. I know a lot of you have posted on feeling like you don't give as much attention to one child over the other, but for me I am thankful I don't stress when Baby C acts like, well a boy. Both Mini K and Baby C are fearless and I can see what an advantage that is as I watch Mini K get older. At times this trait has left me fearful, stressed and nervous, but I think that ever parent feels that way at times.

This leads me to my question...did you move your little ones into a toddler bed or a big kid bed from the crib? I am considering the toddler bed transition for Baby C, but admit it is mainly because I am in LOVE with this toddler bed from Restoration Hardware! Can't you just see it with some seersucker or oxford bedding? I already have the mattress and that gives us time to finish the addition and then move him in to his new room.

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GoodnessGraces said...

We are currently trying to figure out when to move my daughter from the crib. She will be 2 next month. While she loves to jump, she hasn't tried to climb out yet. When we do move her she will go straight to a full sized bed.

I am curious to hear about others experiences as well.