Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Purge

I have heard people say you are either a New Orleans person so a Vegas person. I don't think I am either. I do love Mobile, AL and that is where Mardi Gras started so maybe I like Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday for me is the start of the great purge. I took a car full of clothes I didn't wear last spring or summer to Secondi Consignment today, ship a couple of boxes to blog friends (Birthday Cake Oreos are officially bound for Europe!), and got organized for what will be an insanely busy week at my day job. With a to do list that long, Mini K and I stopped at Starbucks this morning on the way to school. For the record, I am green with envy for my southern friends who can drive thru at Starbucks, because here it means parking and walking in....needless to say we got some looks in line when Mini K said is tomorrow the day I get burned at school? For the record, that would be Catholic school Ash Wednesday services. LOVELY!

So I found it rather fitting that waiting for me in my inbox was a deal on sunglasses. After today's Starbuck's visit, I will either be wearing them on my next visit or finding another Starbucks!

I am a HUGE fan of the wayfarer shape and husband is a big fan of the Roots brand, so when they came out with Roots Wayfarers I had to purchase a pair for him, then my brothers, then myself. I LOVE them, but you will love them more when you find out you can get them for almost 50% off and FREE SHIPPING. I am not joking. You can purchase multiple pairs. Let me tell you these make a tween, teen and grown adult smile at the mere thought of spring and summer! You can purchase your wayfarers right HERE!

And for those of you in D.C., if you see me hiding behind said glasses in a Starbucks tomorrow morning with Mini K, we are on our way to ASH WEDNESDAY services at her school and I hoping Father Greg can explain it better or we will have a SCENE in the nail place Friday!

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how i met your father blog said...

Mini K's comment is too cute - the day she gets burned. love it.