Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Finds

I had planned to do this post on Friday, but we had Trivia Night at Mini K's school on Friday night and let's just say the parents stayed out past curfew!

Yesterday was filled with a birthday party, a play, a long run, guitar lessons and errands so today is the day.

You know me, I love to share a good deal. Usually those deals involve a sale or a discount code, but sometimes they are just a great product for the price. Well, this list is a combination.

I can't wait for my BIG FAT CHECK to arrive from ebates, but I might have to take advantage of this special deal from Kate Spade for EBATES. In addition to getting 3.5% cash back on all purchases, when you shop Kate Spade by clicking through EBATES you can take $50 off your $250 purchase with code YOP12. The code expires tonight. So in between commericals, just click on over. You also get $10 in your ebates account just for joining.
One thing I don't like about running in the spring with Baby C in the Bob stroller is wrestling with a blanket. Last year a friend gave us a Nuddle and I had yet another one of those moments where I kicked myself for not inventing it. The Nuddle is a blanket that locks into your stroller (it works on both our Bugaboo and Bob so I am pretty sure it will work on any stroller) and I no longer have the added workout of chasing a blanket down the street with said stroller in tow. The blankets sell for $38, but they are on Plum District for only $18 and of course I found a code! So you can use code " fabulous" for an extra 10% off. The blankets come in natural, blue and pink and make the BEST baby gifts. No surprise to any of you, but I had to monogram Baby C's. You can buy your Nuddle Blanket HERE.
Finally, Baby Lips. I have been a fan of La Mer lip balm for years. Yes I know it's $40, but it works. Chapped lips are gone in mere hours and it isn't overly smelly or oily. Mini K and I stopped at Ulta to pick up some Essie to send to a friend overseas and I saw a display for Maybelline's Baby Lips. I figured for $4.49 I could take the risk to see if it would really last for 8 hours. It does and is amazing!
I highly suggest trying it.

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mFw said...

I just got a baby lips the other day. I think at my target is was only $3 something so just a tip to check their if you get more!