Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bag Lady

Mini K gave me an orYany bag for Christmas to, and I quote "hold all of OUR stuff!" Her statement was correct as Mr. G says if my car ever broke down I probably have everything I need to fix it in my bag! a sippycup, pacifiers, fruit snacks, a Tide bleach pen, a stain stick pen, at least 1 if not 2 ipods, but what I usually cannot find are my keys!

I have a big Louis Vuitton neverfull, but am not really a fan. It doesn't zip or close on top so my stuff always seems to fall out so I was willng to try something new. One of my favorite things about these bags are the lining. Mine is a bright green and brown trellis print and my items still stand out instead of fading into the black darkness! There is an outside pocket where I keep my keys and lip balm and the inside has 3 zipper compartments and pockets for 2 iphone, blackberries, etc.
Since Christmas they have been featured on Rue La La once and the prices were around $100 instead of $400.

I noticed today that they will be back on Rue La La this Saturday so mark your schedules.

If you aren't a member of Rue La La you can join HERE and start your shopping with $10! I of course LOVE the pink one featured in promo. How chic would it look when paired with black skinnies and a black cashmere sweater.

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