Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Double Up

You know the phrase about the cobbler's children having no shoes? Well in this case it would be me running out of notecards! All of my meetings last weekend left me with a stack of business cards and with 2 handwritten notes left to write I run out of my notecards!

So since I have to order some for myself, why not pass on the deal?!?!

ALL of our FLAT and FOLDED notes are now DOUBLE your quantity for FREE. So if you were planning on ordering 25 you now get 50!

I am ordering these for myself. Since I always have a hard time deciding between a block and a script monogram they are perfect!
I also love this design for tweens...a bit of modern but still a classic.
There is something about a stripe that I love and who doesn't like red, white and blue.
You can see all of sale notes HERE.

It's no secret I love paper, but I also like to gift paper. For those of your hosting a shower this spring consider ordering the honoree personalized notes as gift. He or she will be ready to say thank you in style. Notes are a great gift for expectant moms because you can personalize them with the family name (The Smith Family) and she can use them for shower gifts, new baby gifts and those wonderful dinners that just appear after you get home from the hospital.


Its Official said...

LOVE a good deal!! And LOVE that red, white and blue!

WorthyStyle said...

These are SO cute - and what a good deal!