Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Party: Donuts and A Movie

This morning was the day Mini K had been waiting for....her Donut Cinema 4th Birthday Party. We opened our front door to go pick up the donuts this morning to see the snowflakes had begun to fall.

I am always surprised by what she comes up as her birthday party wish. So far she has not requested a princess or themed party, which I must say makes me a little happy. I will confess that this theme had me a little stumped....she is still too young to do a sleepover, and the practical side of me couldn't serve donuts in the middle of the afternoon. I was almost out of ideas when Mr. Grove had the fabulous idea of renting out a local theater (that is also a bar...) for a morning....and that is exactly what we did. This morning 24 kiddos and their parents too turned this fabulous place into Donut Cinema!

Once we had the place, the planning was easy. I turned to one of PGG's fabulous designers and my friend Marie at The Paper Menu for some donut invites and matching pillowcases for favors.
Now what to wear...clearly a party dress would not work so I turned to one of my favorite
etsy designers: Chic Baby Rose to design a donut felt applique longsleeve t-shirt and matching snap clip for Mini K. I love how both turned out.
We served custom pink frosted donuts (with sprinkles of course), bagels and cream cheese, fruit salad, juice and mimosas and bloody mary's for the parents. The cinema has a bar in the back of the theater so the parents hung out there and the kids took turns watching the movie and running around. Grove Gal E's husband has always been Uncle T to Mini K and as soon as she saw him she rounded up all of her friends and pounced on him. I think the most priceless photo of the party is one I missed: the look on T's face when Mini K charged at him with 20 4 year olds in tow...he was such a good sport...he probably just wished he had finished his first bloody mary BEFORE the attacked him. He definitely deserved a few after that.

There is only one person I turn to for all of our cakes, the fabulous Christina, owner of Simply Sweet Bakery. Mini K (and everyone else!) loved what she created. It was a yummy butter poundcake with buttercream frosting and fondant detail.


Maureen said...

Love that place! And what a fabulous party. Looked like a ton of fun. Happy Birthday Mini-K!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest thing ever! Hope she had a fabulous day! XOXO

Her Preppiness said...

What a great idea.

mFw said...

What a cute party! Happy Birthday Mini K!

Hopsy said...

FUN! I went to a birthday at the HPV theater- such a fab venue!! Love the cake!

AnneG said...

What an amazing party! Congrats. You outdo yourself every year for Mini-K's b'day! Sweet 16 is going to be a DOOZY!

Preppy Napkin said...

very cute and creative!! hope the snow did not get in the way. we had 9-10 inches here. i have to say i am over the snow and ready for spring..