Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Time To Share

I can walk into a store and pick out a pair of shoes (ok 10 pairs) in record time, yet tonight I have spent 2 hours configuring what will be the latest addition to the Grove household. The time has come to share. Now we aren't going to give up our laptops, but out of fear that Mini K will soon capture my beloved mac laptop we are getting a family computer. Family computer is Mr. Grove's name for it.

Mini K has already named it...My Man Mac. So tomorrow when she comes home from school (because I am in DENIAL that this threat of ice/snow will materialize) she and My Man Mac will meet.

I officially have also become THAT PARENT. You know the one that will not put a computer, or a television for that matter, in their child's room, but insist it is in a central location so I can monitor what she is on. In Mini K's case, it is not so much what site she is on, as she is only 4, it is that my little princess can download from itunes. Yes, I am the proud owner of the soundtrack to the Squeakquel....4 times over and let me tell you, one time is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

The lesson here is, if you have an iphone, and you see Mini K, hold it tight or she could add a little bit more to your library than you had planned!


Sandra said...

Of course, my children are much older than Mini K - ages 26 and 30 - and they never had a computer of their own until college. My daughter had a small tv in her room, but absolutely never watched it. We were always a family room, den family unless they were studying or talking on the phone to b/f's and g/f's. But that was a minimum honestly. If you never start it, they never miss it!! Good for you! xoxo

Posh Peach said...

Too cute about Mini K and iTunes!!