Sunday, January 17, 2010

Check, Check, Check...

It is raining on this Sunday, so since I am stuck inside (yes, I could go out, but that would be too much work!) I am tackling my to do list.

First things first, the winner of the Lilly P agenda is Henley On The Horn. Just send me an email with you mailing address and it will be on its way to your house in the sun!!

We have taken the photos for Mini K's Valentine's Day cards. Yes, I know we just sent out Christmas cards, but since so many of our family and friends do not live near us we do a photo card of Mini K for Valentine's Day. This year we went with the owl theme....whoo loves you??? And thanks to Nina for introducing me to The Trendy Tot on etsy we had a fabulous owl tunic to wear in our photos.

Then I tackled round 1 of ebay descriptions and photos to list tomorrow night. I am hoping Mr. Grove never reads this post or I will get an eyeroll, but I hink everything I am listing was worn once (in the case of the Easter dress for 3 hours) or still has the tags on it. I also am no longer to deny that mini Boden might not make their sales goals for the year if I stop ordering from them! I plan on listing all of these tomorrow night, so if you see something you want before then just email me. Help me clear out the extra closet, so I can share some big news with you!
One of my favorites from last summer's mini Boden line, but Mini K wouldn't wear it because it didn't have enough pink!! Size 3-4. Worn will be listed for $12.99
I love this dress, but as you can see Mini K never wore this Lilly P cutie and it still has the tags on it! Size 4 and it wil be listed for $14.99

I almost cried when I photographed these adorable Kate & Libby outfits. I am going to their spring 2010 trunk show tomorrow. The Kate and Libby line is a must see for mom's of preppy princesses...monogrammed swimsuits, dresses and these fabulous floral tunics and spring cord pants. Both are a size 4 and Mini K has just grown too much to wear them this spring and she only wore each once last year. Each tunic outfit sells for over $70 and I am selling both for $20.99.


Sandra said...

Your things should sell out in record time. I would buy every single thing if I still had little ones around here! Have a great day! {I love Boden, also}!! xoxo

Henley on the Horn said...

I won!! I won! I won! I am so excited!

Imjustagirl said...

YAY! for Henley on the Horn! Love all the clothes this could be dangerous. I have a niece that I spoil rotten who is now in the size mini K is out growing!!

Kate said...

I love your Valentine idea for Mini K! Cute theme!