Monday, January 25, 2010

Ebay Mission Accomplished!

We picked up our iMac today, but after 2 days witout my laptop so they could transfer the photos I wanted to catch up on my weekend unfinished project: EBAY.

I spent the weekend going through Mini K's spring clothes and it seems my plan on purchasing sizes last year that would get 2 years worth of wear (probably also my justification for buying MORE!): FAIL!!!! It seems Mini K had a major growth spurt planned so my loss (and trust me it is a big one!) is your gain.

I made it through 2 of the 4 bags of clothes to list on ebay tonight! So if you have a preppy princess between the age of 2-4 years old you are in MAJOR luck!

Check out my listings HERE.

Needless to say, the listings took me a little longer than the 30 minutes I convinced myself they would take so I am saving a golden surprise for you tomorrow.

The time away from my laptop this weekend did give me the time to do a little birthday shopping for my SIL and get my Pink SWAP package wrapped and shipped.

How was your weekend?

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