Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Curb Alert...

I woke up this morning in shock that it was:
1. already Wednesday
2. I hadn't blogged since Sunday
3. 2 days until my HUGE silent auction meeting at Mini K's school

For those of you that follow me on twitter you know that Mini K and I got into a car accident last Friday...or I should say we were stopped on a bridge and someone thought our SUV was a mirage and drove right into us. Both Mini K and I are absolutely fine and the car will be too. The funny thing, and I should say I am impressed, is that the insurance company for the woman that hit us has called DAILY to see if we are hurt...we are still fine. I am getting used to driving a loaner car, read not SUV, and let me tell you, now I know why I only drive SUV's...mine's a hybrid so don't judge.

I was leaving a meeting at the Capitol today and was convinced I read the name on the side of a pink van couldn't be, could it?
Image courtesy of

It wasn't a mirage, it was Curbside Cupcakes. I did what any working mom would do at the site of pink van with images of buttercream would do, I got my iphone out and googled the name to see if it was real. Remember, trust, then verify. As always, my pink covered iphone, led me to knowledge I previously didn't possess...Curbside Cupcakes is in fact REAL and in D.C.

Those of you lovelies in Dallas have my favorite warm cookie delivery companies, Sprinkles and my most recent discussion of the famous Mustang Donut cake. You NYC lovelies have Crumbs, The Waffle Truck and Magnolia.

BUT....NOW...D.C....has the pink cupcake van called Curbside Cupcakes!!!!!!!!! We have arrived. I must say I wasn't able to flag the van down and actually try one of their yummy buttercream vessels, remember I was sure I had seen a mirage, but I have now found them on facebook and their website even posts a daily menu and a find that van link.

Needless to say I will be stopping that van in the next few days. The best part, you can purchase a single cupcake or order a dozen, or 2 and have them delivered. I think this would be so much fun to surprise a friend at work or the teachers at Mini K's school with a cupcake special delivery.

Now please do NOT burst my buttercream bubble if Curbside Cupcakes has been around forever and I am suffering from another case of where have you been. This only proves that more than just make-up can arrive in a pink car (or van!)

DISCLAIMER: I keep forgetting to put these on my posts...big government keeps getting FTC this is for you...I was not paid for this post. In fact it will cost me money as I am sure to become a customer and my Crossfit trainer will thank Curbside Cupcakes as their consumption will insure I workout. I will also confess I am so envious that I didn't come up with this idea!!!!!


AnneG said...

Wow! What a find. BTW, your cookie gal you referred me did made the most divine cookies for my Holiday Party. Big hit...gone after first hour of the party....But, note to self...must look into Curbside Cupcake!

mFw said...

What a fun company! Glad you are okay from the accident. Have a great evening!


Sandra said...

What a great surprise!! xoxo

melissa said...

SO glad to hear you and your daughter were not hurt in the accident!
And ..oh my! Curbside Cupcake = fabulous!! ;)


Imjustagirl said...

WOW! Love it! So glad you and Mini K are OK. I am dying to know about the cookies in Daallas or anything else there that is a must. My B and SIL recently moved out there so I am always looking to help them find great things/places!!

Sherrie said...

Cupcake delivery van. I may have died and gone to heaven! ;)

Whitney and the Preppy Puppies said...

Curbside cupcakes has been to my office a few times in the last month. You can also follow them on Twitter and they'll tweet when they've gotten somewhere, how many cupcakes are left, etc. Here's a picture I took last month.

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I live in DFW and still have not had a sprinkles cupcake yet.

Lindsay said...

This is great to know! I'm so glad that you and your daughter are okay!