Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas Baubles Needed A Friend

My present from Mr. Grove didn't make it in time for Christmas. I got it last week and ADORE it! As you know the week of Christmas is also his birthday and Mini K's so I was secretly happy my present arrived late. Proving that maybe a blue box is the key to all cherished baubles my present arrived in one as well.

I tried to get a good photo, but my flash and the granite were not a good combination. It is a baby girl charm with a matching pink saphhire charm. He had the back of the charm engraved with her date of birth and name. I adore it.

So last week I was reading my dear friend KP's blog and saw her wearing the most unique long gold necklace so I had to email her about it. Of course it was one of her own original designs and I ordered one right away. She warned me she had been wearing hers nonstop and I put mine on when it arrived on Monday. I have to say I have been wearing my Christmas present and new pearl drop necklace nonstop and they look smashing together if I do say so myself!


kp said...

So cute!!!! So far, there are only 3 in existence!! I am about to post a new necklace that is also an everyday one. Thanks again for the order!

The Mrs. said...

Fabulous. I have something similar and I just adore it.

Hopsy said...

So lovely!!!