Friday, October 1, 2010

Tricks Already

Am I the only one that cannot believe it is October 1st???? This week charged through the grove and left a few tricks in its path.

Mr. G forgot to tell me we were having a new porch installed on when I returned home I was a little surprised to find no way in the front door...and my key to the side door inside the house! Yet another reason God invented takeout. The porch is finished...the painters are coming next week because soggy is an understatement.

And for those of you in the D.C., you have probably spent the last two days thinking the same thing I have....I love my Burberry trench but seriously did Seattle move east?

Baby C's baptism is tomorrow...tomorrow in brunch in my fabulous caterer that was going to take care of everything so all I needed to do was drive home from the church...
well he had a family emergency (that I completely understand!) and had to cancel yesterday.

I spent far too much time trying to find a plan B then looked at my two hands and realized I was plan B.
So the new plan is to survive tomorrow and then I am turning my focus on decorating for fall...and for those of you that live near me...get ready because Mini K and I have big plans for the Boo season!

This photo is from two years ago, but I clicked on it by accident in iphoto tonight and it made me remember some sage advice from my mom..." only you know what your original plan was, only you will know what goes everyone else a cocktail and a smile make it perfect."

So tomorrow the menu might not have been my first choice, and heaven knows I hadn't planned on doing dishes, but I cannot wait to take some photos of Baby C in the same gown Mini K wore and be thankful that this year I am blessed with two little pumpkins!


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Cute photo! I am sure all will go well with your brunch.

Jackie said...

Your mom is right. Hope it went well today! Congrats!!